Renting a professional house share in Jesmond

A guide to websites renting Jesmond professional house shares

Renting a professional house share in Jesmond is a popular option for young professionals. These professional house shares generally include all bills, have a good mix of male/female and are all in central Jesmond.

Jesmond House Shares

Mac, PC and lap top friendly design and
is updated regularly with new houses

Modern Living

Designed for Mac, PC or laptop but
gives the right info and easy to use

PLJ Properties

An easy to use web site with the perfect
amount of information and pictures.

Jesmond Accommodation

Ideally suited to a PC or Laptop with
lots of properties and information

Jesmond Houses

Brilliant on phones and tablets with
lots of useful maps and slide shows

Jesmond Student Houses

Works well on all platforms and gives
stunning pictures and easy to use.